Monday, October 20, 2008

Born Of God

Joh 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except one be born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
So are we born of God?  The scriptures clearly state that unless we are born again, we will not even see the kingdom of God. And this saying is trustworthy, "The kingdom of God is coming. And Jesus is the King who will establish the Kingdom of God." Jesus reassured that he is the only way to God and his kingdom. He alone can save, and no one else, and the only condition he has given us is to be born again, that is, to be born of God.

Hence the question - are we born of God? What does this "Born Again" really mean? The bible says that whoever is born of God, doesnt sin, because his (The Almighty's) seed (i.e. Christ) abides in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God. 1 Jn 3:9. Jesus gave some humanly impossible laws during the sermon on the mount. Mt 5-7. Moses' law required that a murderer be damned. But Jesus said that if anyone who is so little as angry without a cause or even hasty with his words is in danger of damnation. So if someone is born of God, he is required to live a perfectly godly life and going by the laws that Jesus laid out, it surely looks like a hopelessly desperate situation.


The answer is Wrong.

Jesus came to save sinners like us and not to condemn us. He wouldnt ask us to do something that were impossible. Rather he said that if we believed, even the impossible would be possible. The Mosaic law was given to Israel by a man called Moses. Israel were expected to fall. But Jesus is the Mighty God that Isaiah prophesied about. Is 9:6. What Moses said was difficult to keep but what Jesus requires of us, though humanly impossible, is possible if we lean on the power of God. It is possible because he gives us the Spirit of the Living God to help us. He dwells in us. The spirit that lives in us is the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Rom 8:11. Which means we have the resurrection power of Christ dwelling in us. Dwell on that word. Just like God raised Jesus from the dead by defeating death, we can defeat any dead work in our life and be victorious overcomers in Jesus name.

It is the spirit of God which bears witness with our spirit that we belong to God, that we are his children, and it is his Holy Spirit, who guides us in all truth. Can the Holy Spirit then cause us to sin? NEVER!!!

That is what apostle John is talking about. So if we are in sin, it is a sign that we dont know Christ or havent seen him. 1 Jn 3:6. We can be assured of the fact that we are not born of God if we are living in blatant disobedience to the word of God, because Jesus came to save us from our sins (not merely forgive them). Mt 1:21. He didnt come primarily to forgive our sins alone but to save us from the power of Sin. It is possible to forgive someone and not save someone.

To illustrate, lets assume someone who has wronged you has received the just reward for his evil deeds 'cause now he is in a gutter for what he did. When you pass by that gutter, that person apologises for the wrong he did to you. You can say,"Alright I forgive you." and walk away. Then you would have forgiven him but he would still be in the gutter wondering why he is still there if he has been forgiven. The other way would be to say,"I forgive you", and then get into the gutter to help him get out. Then you would have forgiven him and saved him. Jesus came not just to forgive our sins but to save us from them. Just like a man saved from the gutter doesnt live in the gutter anymore, a man saved from SIN will not live in SIN anymore. So if we are still sinning; we can be assured of the fact that we are not SAVED and are still in the gutter of SIN.

The bible has a wonderful promise for every child of God in 1 Jn 1:9 which says that if we confess our sins to God, we have a wonderful advocate in Jesus Christ who will never let us go unforgiven. Jesus is the epitome of Gods love. If it is difficult for someone to understand Gods love, he doesn’t need to go beyond Jesus, and things which seem hazy will make sense. But John gives the reason why God has given us this promise. He goes on to say in 1 Jn 2:1 that “I am writing this epistle so that you do not sin.” The emphasis John is placing is not so much on forgiveness, which in itself is an amazing truth, but on perfection which results from the knowledge of 1 Jn 1:9, which is an even greater truth. In essence what John is trying to say is that if anyone has the revelation that God will forgive him/her if he comes before him with a repentant heart, then instead of falling he will actually lead a Godly life. I therefore encourage my brothers and sisters to not only claim the promise in 1 Jn 1:9 when they have stumbled but rather stand on that promise to press on to an even better life, a Godly life which brings glory to the name of God and to Jesus, The Christ, The Savior. That, my brothers and sisters, is the will of God. And if however, we do stumble, don’t hesistate to run to the father in Jesus name, to receive correction and forgiveness from him. He will NEVER turn away a repentant heart.

John isnt indicating that we make new year resolutions that we will lead a good life, or control our anger our emotions or control our lusts. It is futile to try these things and I am pretty confident, "if you try that route; YOU WILL FALL."

Resolutions, controlling emotions and lusts etc are a good form of self discipline. But more than that Jesus came to show us the way to the Fathers heart. If we look upto him then his Spirit will guide us in all truth and show us what to do and how to react in any given situation. In that case we would not have to depend on useless humane self disciplinary methods to lead a better life.

So then, this is the way out. John 15:5 says."Without me you can do nothing." That is what God is interested in. The scriptures say that our righteousness are like filthy rags before Gods eyes. He is not interested in our external good lives or in efforts that originate from "men". He is interested in deeds and desires which originate from HIM because all good things are from God. He is interested in a life that is dependent on Christ. When one looks to him for his every need, then the goodness that thus comes out of his life is a goodness that would have originated from God because of what Christ did for us and that goodness will be pleasing to HIM. Jesus said that He will send the Holy Spirit in order to strengthen us, help us. John 14:16. The Holy Spirit was given  to us to lead us in situations where human logic will only cause us to fall because he brings to our remembrance all that Jesus taught. Jn 14:26. Our loving God has done everything in order for us to lead holy, perfect, exemplary lives. He put his Son Jesus on the cross to be punished in stead of our sins. He was raised from the dead by the spirit so that by believing in him we could live with him eternally. Jn 14:19. He has given us his holy spirit so that we can experience that resurrection power right here on earth and not go back to our old defeated lives.

It is hence very important to fellowship with Godly brothers and sisters from your church. Church, The body of christ is the safest place to be on earth because Jesus said that whenever the Church (even a church of 2 or 3) gathers in his name, he will be there. Thats a promise, and Jesus is faithful to keep it. The church enables us to receive and to provide encouragement, rebuke, love, correction to each other. The Church is a representation of the body of Christ and the command given to it is to press on unto perfection. Heb 6:1. May be we are not perfect, but we will be one day, if we continue to run the race looking unto Jesus. He is the author and perfector of our faith. Heb 12:2. If we depend on him, WE WILL NEVER FALL.

When Mary gave birth to Jesus, he was a baby swaddled in peices of cloth. Tiny and lowly. Imagine the King of the Universe living in a manger. Then he grew in humble obedience to sinful yet humble parents. The bible says that Jesus grew in stature before God and men. He grew out to be a man for whom to do the will of God the father was his food, his meat. He didnt seek the honour of men but all he sought was God and his will. He was King himself. He was God himself and equal to him in every way. But he humbled himself and submitted to the will of the Father. He lived such a perfect life because he depended on the Father. That was the body of Christ then. We, the Church, the body of Christ today, can also grow to be perfect like our saviour. We can draw this parallel from Jesus' life. Just like his body lived a perfectly holy life then; because of his dependence on God the father, today also his body, the church, can live a perfectly holy life, depending on the spirit of God. It is possible if we believe. "If you believe, all things are possible." Mk 9:23. If this is not true in our lives, then lets humble ourselves and be PERFECTLY honest with God and tell him that we have disobeyed him and that we need him and him alone; believing that when we ask him with a humble, submissive, repentant heart, in Jesus name, we will receive anything we ask for.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mary Is A Blessed Woman -- That Is ALL!!

Before we proceed; my request to my catholic friends is:
You have to start at a point where you believe that the Bible is the infallible "Word Of God".
You might wanna check
Lk 1:28 The angel Gabriel called Mary a blessed woman, a woman highly favored by God. Isaiah had prophesied by the Holy Spirit that a Virgin would be with Child and the Child would be named Immanuel, which means God is with us. Isaiah 7:14 The virgin was Mary and the child was Jesus, the Messiah that was to come to redeem the human race.
This prophecy was fulfilled in Mathew 1 where Mary was found with a Child in her womb conceived of the Holy Spirit. Mary and Joseph named the child Jesus (Joshua, Yeshua) who was to save his people from their sins. Jesus was Immanuel, that Jesus literally was "God With Us" is evident from the fact that led a perfectly holy life on earth was lead by the Holy Spirit in everything he did or desired, did mighty miracles among the Jews and gentiles and lived a life approved by God the Father to amazing perfection and humble submission. He fulfilled hundreds of Old Testament prophecies and he still is fulfilling prophecies today. Praise God.

"Jesus" is a derivative from the Hebrew "Joshua" and the Greek "Iesous". Joshua is Hebrew for deliverer or saviour. The gospel of Mathew says that Jesus would save his people from their sins. Mt 1:21. Lets dwell on that a little. Was Jesus supposed to save his people from their sins? Which means anybody whom Jesus saves (or rather is saving) would worship him because he is God. At least I do. Jesus deserves our worship because he is God. I repeat, "HE ALONE IS GOD." Did Mary need a saviour? We'll see.

Mat 2:11, 8:2, 9:18, 14:33, 18:26, 20:20, 28:9, 28:17, Mark 5:6, Luke 24:52, John 9:38, Heb 1:6 are instances where Jesus receives worship not only from men but other created beings like angels. The Son Of God is worthy of glory, honour and praise. He is the saviour; he is the only mediator between men and God. 1 Tim 2:5. So the bible says that Jesus is God and he alone is the mediator between God and men. This is mentioned without a shadow of a doubt.

Where does Mary fit in the scheme of things?

Lets address this question. What did the wise men do when they followed the star to meet Jesus. They did only what they set out to do. That is to worship the "Infant" Jesus and to offer to him their gifts. Mt 2:11. They didn't on their way back so much even think of worshipping Mary and we will do well to worship the Lord alone.

For the benefit of my catholic friends, Mary was just a vessel chosen by God, desperately in need of a Saviour like anyone of us. In her own words, "Behold, the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word." Luke 1:38. That's all she is, the handmaid of the Lord. She is a blessed woman no doubt. But she is definitely not a Goddess. Such a practice only degrades Christianity to the level of most cultic heathen religions. In Luke 11 when Jesus was teaching the disciples how to pray and was chasing out a dumb demon, we see in verse 27 that a woman lifted her voice and blessed Mary saying that she is blessed because she nursed Jesus. Absolutely right. Mary was blessed indeed; but what does Jesus say. Lk 11:28 Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it. Jesus was basically saying that if we do the will of God we are at least as good as or as much blessed as Mary, if not more.
Luke in his gospel records that Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest of all those born of men. Lk 7:28 John (not Mary) was the greatest of all men in the old covenant times. If Mary is to receive worship then we might as well worship John also. (That's just a human argument. We will do well by not worshipping anyone or anything else but worship the Lord alone.) My dear brothers and sisters, men and women are not supposed to receive worship. Receiving worship is only due to God not men, however great they might be. And check out what Jesus goes on to say. The least in the kingdom of God is greater than John the baptist. So if I am the least in the kingdom of God (The New Covenant) then I would be greater than John the baptist or more so greater than Mary; Praise God. That is amazing news. But no matter how great I become, that doesn't entitle me to receive worship and I am certain you agree that God, and he alone is worthy of our praise and worship. We will do well to worship the lord alone and not tempt him by worshipping his rivals.

Exo 20:1 And God spake all these words, saying,
Exo 20:2 I am Jehovah thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
Exo 20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Exo 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image, nor any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.
Exo 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them, for I Jehovah thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, upon the third and upon the fourth generation of them that hate me.
Mary was a handmaid of the Lord to bring Jesus in flesh. There is no concept called "Mother Of God" in the bible. Mary also needed a saviour like any one of us. After Jesus was raised from the dead, he appeared to his disciples and then was resurrected. Acts 1:14 The disciples along with Mary and some other women then joined together to pray.
Pray? Mary prayed? Pray to whom?
The Lord Jesus of course.
Pray for whom?
The catholic community? Definitely not.
Then whom? Well! May be for herself, may be for the church of Jesus Christ, may be for Israel, may be for the emperor .... 1 Tim 2:1 - 2 (Like every believer is supposed to but definitely not in as a mediator) For the bible says that there is only one mediator between God and men, and that is Jesus. 1 Tim 2:5. We don't need anyone else to mediate on our behalf with God. Jesus does that for us. And we would do well to believe the word of God rather than believe a community, be it the largest religious community in the world.
Brothers and Sisters, the Bible is the infallible word of God. It is true to the letter and is inspired by his Holy Spirit. 2 Tim 3:16. The Bible says that our God is a jealous God. Like a husband who will bear no rivals, our God desires our whole being. Our God will not bear any other rivals. Be it Mary, an idol, some person, money or anything or anyone who will take his place in our lives. He is a loving God. Slow to anger and abounding in mercy. He loves us so much that he gave his only begotten Son so that you and I could be saved. Jesus bore our punishment so that by believing him and by surrendering to his Lordship we could have life eternal and fellowship with God. Our God is an awesome God. Lets humble ourselves and repent of the sin of idolatry. There is only one God. There is no other God; or Goddess. Jesus is coming soon and we wont have an opportunity to repent then. This is the time. Today is the day. Lets repent and he will have mercy on us.
My prayer for my brothers and sisters is that they would filled with the grace of God, that the Holy Spirit would convict them and change their hearts. That they would repent and receive the forgiveness of God, and lead a life that is pleasing to him. My beloved brothers and sisters; stay away from idols; be it Mary's. Jesus alone is mighty to save.
Come Lord Jesus! Amen!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jesus is the only way!!!

(This is for the benefit of my unbelieving friends and luke warm Christian brothers and sisters)
You must be born again. You must be converted and recieve the Kingdom of God like a child. You must believe that Jesus alone is your saviour and be Baptized in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Read On For More.

John 3:18 Whoever believes in Jesus is not condemned, but whoever does not believe has already been condemned, because he has not believed in the name of God's only begotten Son.

John 14:6 Jesus said, "I am THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life. No one comes to God the Father except through me.”

Jesus is the only way. There is no other way. The psalmist says, “Kiss the Son lest he be angry and destroy you.” Psalm 2:12

These verses might sound narrow minded, bombastic, arrogant and very unsecular. But please note that I haven’t said anything evil about any religion or so called "gods". I don’t need to. Once you see the glory of the only, true, living God, a worm like me doesn’t have to harp about the incapability of lesser gods to save peoples souls. I can sing about this God whose Son is Christ Jesus, The Saviour of the world, and about his unfailing love for the rest of my life. He is coming to establish his kingdom and there is only one way to escape his wrath, that is to be reconciled with him because he loves us and desires that none of us perish.

Does he love only me?
No. God sent Jesus to be punished on the cross, to endure hell and to die in my stead and yours; not only for my sins but for the sins of the whole world. John 3:16

Does the whole world get saved then?
No. Only the one who believes that Jesus endured hell on the cross and died for his sins and believes that he was raised from the dead by the power of God, will be saved. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, WILL, and I repeat, WILL be saved. Joel 2:32

What about those who don’t believe in the name of Jesus?
Jesus loves you. The bible says that it is Gods desire that not even one should perish. 2 Pet 3:9. His desire is that all should come to the knowledge of the grace of God and be saved. He never made Hell for human beings. Hell was made for the devil and his demons. But disobedience will be punished. If anyone is arrogant enough to reject Jesus, who is Gods perfect sacrifice, the perfect atonement for your sins and mine, will be sent to the lake of fire. This is not a speculation but a fact because the bible says so and God is incapable of speaking lies. Jesus is coming soon; and this time he is coming to judge. My intention is not to scare anyone into believing in Christ(although I would do that if I could), but I long to enable everyone to see the abundant love that he has for you and me and believe in him. Jesus is not a figment of somebody’s imagination. He is the Son of God, the Savior that God had promised to redeem mankind from sin. He is the King Of Kings and The Lord Of Lords. He is coming to judge the living and the dead; and believe you me that all the Cow Gods, Snake Gods, Monkey Gods, Elephant Gods, Baba’s etc are powerless to save anyone. They can’t save themselves let alone mankind or even one man.

Why did Jesus have to die?
For two reasons. God loves you and he hates SIN. Sin has to be punished. Every individual has to bear the punishment for the sins he/she has committed. This sounds like the most logical thing. So ideally I should be crucified for my sins and you for yours. Not much of a good news; is it? But the Bible says that there is a God; who made you. He loves you. He thinks of you. If we were to count the number of times he thinks of you the number would be greater than the number of grains of sand. This God is the Great I AM. Gods love for you and me is unimaginable. He is slow to anger and abounding in love. His mercies are new each day and because he loves you and me, he made Jesus; his only begotten Son; to be sin and allowed evil men to crucify him for your sins and mine. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice because he never sinned but was made to be sin on the cross and when he was being punished, beaten, spat on, nailed, abused, insulted, stripped, mocked at and murdered on the cross he was really being punished for your sins and mine just so that by believing in him, we might be forgiven and reconciled to God and be with him forever. But there is more to it than meets the eye. More than the physical torture and pain, Jesus endured hell in spirit and soul. That is what it really means to be forsaken by God, and Jesus was forsaken by God so that by believing in him we might not be forsaken by our creator. Jesus went to the cross like a lamb goes to the slaughter house; without complaining. He went in perfect obedience to God the Father, because of the love he has for us. Isn’t he amazing? He allows sinners like you and me to come to God through his own blood. He was raised on the third day by the power of God and now he lives forever more. He is seated at the right hand of the Father. He is coming to judge the living and the dead. If we believe in what Jesus did and live as he has commanded us to live, then the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness and justifies us. We can fellowhip with the Lord of this universe, because of Jesus. Now that is “Great News”.

Who is this Jesus? Could he have saved himself?
Jesus is the Son of the Living God. He is God in flesh. He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. He is the Word of God. He is the King Of Kings and The Lord Of Lords. He is the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. He is the Good Shepherd, the Lamb who was slain. He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

My dear friend!! Fall at his feet and he will have mercy on you. I assure you that you will not find another God like him. There has never been anyone apart from him that is worthy of being called a GOD and there sure is not going to be one either. All other Gods are fashioned by the hands and the minds of men. There is only one who has the power to forgive and his name is Christ Jesus. My prayer for you is God have mercy on you and the only condition for that mercy is Jesus. We need to be baptized in the name of God The Father, Jesus his Son and his Holy Spirit. Jesus said that if a man is not born again, he will not even see the Kingdom of God. By believing in Jesus and being baptized in his name we are being born again in to the Kingdom Of God. John 3.

Coming back to the question about his ability to save himself; Jesus was not some powerless mortal hanging on the cross. He was God. He had absolute authority to destroy the Universe even before anyone looked to harm him, let alone lay hands on him. (Mathew 26:53) But he chose not to do that because the will of the Father had to be fulfilled. The will of God was to make a provision for sinners to be saved by believing in the atoning death of Jesus. So he allowed worms like you and me to insult him, strip him, beat him, whip him, tease him, spit at him and nail him to the cross all so that you and I could have a way to live forever. Yes; You and I can live forever because Jesus has taken the punishment that we deserved; and he did it by enduring hell in stead of you and I. And he was raised from the dead by the power of God. Praise God. We can live because he lives. Forever. We are victors in Christ. Nobody in this world would die even for a good person. But this God that I am talking about, cares so much for sinners like you and I, who are destined for ETERNAL destruction, that he has made a provision for us to be reconciled with him through the atoning work of Jesus. My request to you is to repent of your sins. He will forgive. Be baptized in the name Jesus and he will cleanse you and give you a new heart. He will teach you his ways and your life will never be the same if you obey his commands.

May the grace Of God and his Son Jesus be with you. Amen.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Religion Vs Spirituality

Jesus once told the pharisees that tax collectors and prostitutes are going to heaven ahead of them. That was really a bold statement to make, and only Jesus being God in human flesh had the audacity to do that. Being God he could see that those who didn't have a reputation of being "holy" to boast of, acknowledged that they were miserable and were desperately in need of what only God and no body else could give them. They knew that there is nothing they had done or could do that would get them closer to God, but believing in the Messiah and God's promises was the only way out.
The encounter of Jesus with a samaritan woman in John 4, shows us that Jesus came to save sinners and not to condemn them, IF, and I repeat IF only we repent.

John Chapter 4: 1 – 42
In a prelude to this chapter, we see in Chapter 3 how approachable Jesus was. The high priest of Israel (Member of the ruling council) Nicodemus, went to meet Jesus at night. He was probably proud for meeting a poor carpenter during daytime might tarnish his reputation or he was too busy to meet Jesus during the daytime. Whatever his reasons, he knew this Jesus was no ordinary man, but the Son of the living God; and being who he really was, Jesus didn’t ask Nicodemus to get an appointment to come meet him. A lesson for us. We must be approachable to people. Jesus spoke to him about Baptism, the Fathers tremendous love, spiritual rebirth and the like. Then there was John the Baptists disciples trying to provoke him against Jesus by telling him that he was taking over his ministry by baptizing people to repentance. Being the Godly man that he was, John hushed them by stating that the ministry is not about us but rather its all about God and his glory being manifest in our lives; “He must increase and we must decrease.” And in the beginning of this chapter we see that Jesus knew the heart of the Pharisees. “God always knows our hearts. The psalmist says that even before we utter a word, God knows what is in our hearts.” Now even though the Pharisees despised John, they knew from the scriptures that John was the “Voice of the one calling in the desert. He was the one who was to come before the Christ.” And when Jesus knew that they had heard about his ministry growing, he decided to depart from Judea to Galilee. Jesus was not afraid of them (Remember he is God. But rather than defending himself, if he had only prayed a small prayer to his father in heaven, the Father would have sent just 12 legions / 72000 angels to defend him. 72000 angels are enough to rip the whole Solar System apart. But Jesus didn’t come to condemn but to save. Praise God.) This is where the scriptures reveal the truth. Jesus was going to Galilee BUT ..
Verse 4:
The bible says “He had to go through Samaria (NIV). Or he needed to go through Samaria (NKJV) or he must needs go through Samaria (AKJV).” We understand that Jesus was not merely passing by Sychar but he really had to be there. He really needed to be in samaria. God had a purpose for Samaria. Jesus had meat to eat that others didn’t know of. His meat was to do the will of the Father. (Man does not live by bread alone but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.) Jesus was always led by the Holy Spirit. Those who are led by the spirit will always be where the Father wants them to be and do what the Father wants them to do. Religiosity causes us to believe that we are doing the will of God when we are actually not. The disciples had gone to get bread for their Lord. That is service alright; but was it really? It is Jesus and Jesus alone who was doing the will of God. We need to be spiritual like Jesus and not religious like the disciples. God is least interested in our sacrifices, our tithes and our outward forms of worship. He knows our deepesst secrets, the thoughts in our mind and our intentions behind doing so called christian work. The question really is are we doing the will of our father? (This is an encouragement for us that Jesus chose imperfect, narrow minded, religious people and made them spiritually sensitive to God.) It was derogatory for the Jews to associate with the Samaritans. What is more, gentiles were detestable to the Hebrews. (In Verse 27 we see that the disciples were surprised to see that Jesus was talking to a gentile woman.) But God was about to commission the great new covenant. This great covenant was meant to present the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Jews and Gentiles alike.
In a nutshell; Jesus is God. He had to be in Sychar because needed to speak to:
Ø A woman.
Ø A gentile.
Ø A nobody.
Ø A characterless person with whom most self proclaimed righteous people would not associate.
We will see in the rest of this analogy that Jesus came to call sinners and "Nobody’s" to repentance and not the righteous. Praise God.
Verse 9 – 10
It is Jesus who starts the conversation with the woman (verse 7) by asking her for a drink which tells us that it is God who sought after us first. This woman had no face even before a reasonably respectable man, let alone God. God first loved us. This is the fundamental truth that we need to understand then we will see that our love for him is so less and measurable. God was standing before the woman and it is so in our lives too. God has always been there in our lives but we have always had seemingly more important things to take care of until a time when we have made a mess of our lives and realize that there is a big void in our lives that only God can fill. This woman was a total wreck. 5 broken marriages, 1 recorded extra marital affair, looked down upon by the jews and as far as she was concerned she probably thought that even God had forsaken her. It is so with us too. When we are in a mess we also think that God is against us. It is God who then in his love and mercy showers his love despite all the times we rejected him. Sinners like this woman have no face before anyone let alone God. There is shame, embarrassment, despair, hurt and the "devils lie" that God will never accept a sinner. God hates sin but he never stops loving us. Jesus came to Samaria to establish this very fact that despite all our sins there was a way out. And that was through HIM rather; that Way was HIM. The bible says that it is the Lord our God who makes us holy. He is the one who forgives and justifies us and turns our hearts from sin to doing his will. It is only God who can lift us up from our situation and turn things around for Good. Jesus is the gift of God who never seizes to seek after our hearts. He is the only one who can give meaning to our lives and in time give us the privilege of being in his holy presence for eternity; if and only if we surrender to his Lordship.
Verse 11-12
Our sinful condition will always blind our eyes against God. We always try to assess the situation and try to figure out how God can achieve what he says he can do for us, forgetting that he is God and nothing is difficult for him. Jesus was talking about heavenly things and fullness of life and salvation and the woman was concerned about the limitations of man (asking him about how he was going to draw water) not knowing that he was God in flesh. The truth is there are so many instances in our lives when God is right there but our eyes are blinded and ears are deaf so we don’t see and don’t hear. But it is God who seeks us. He is always the first to love us. The woman asked Jesus (She knew that the messiah was to come, but she didn’t know that Jesus was he.) if he was greater that Jacob. There is a slight hint of idolatry here. She held Jacob in high esteem. Perhaps more than she should.
Verse 13-14
Jesus tells the woman that people will thirst even if they have all that the world has to offer. But God is the only person who can give meaning to our lives. He is the only one who can give us fullness of life and he is the only one who can make us holy and acceptable in his eyes because he presents us holy and blameless before his glorious presence. He is basically telling the woman that the Gods of this world can give us things that seem like they can satisfy us. But he guarantees that we will still thirst. There will still be a void and we can and more times than not we do try to fill that void with the Gods of this world; money, pride, power and the like. But there will still be the void that only the True God can fill through Jesus Christ, our Lord. It is through Jesus we have eternal life.
Verse 15-16
The woman is now really listening. She asks Jesus for what he says he can give her. The Living Water. The truth is that we need God, we need his presence, his salvation, his love and we need to be Holy. Yes sin gives pleasure for a while but the consequences of sin are devastating. That is the trick that the devil employs i.e. to make sin as attractive as possible. But it is only God who can complete us. The Holy Spirit is on a mission to convict the world of Sin. Jesus, led by the spirit, talks about the womans husband for he knew about her sinful relationship. Sin is detestable to God and because he loves sinners he wants to save us from our sins.
Verse 17
When God convicts us of our sins, we must be humble enough to acknowledge our sins for if we don’t even acknowledge our sins we will never be able to repent and receive the forgiveness of God. Let God be true and every man a liar. The woman acknowledged that she was in a sinful relationship rather than trying to justify herself. (She still doesn’t know that Jesus is the messiah, but by now she at least thinks that he is a prophet of God.)
Verse 19-21
The woman tries to change the subject from her sin to the attributes of Jesus. (I perceive that you are a prophet.) We are not very comfortable when our sins are being pointed out. So we change the subject. But Jesus doesn’t embarrass her. He also switches over to the subject about which she was talking. God never wants to put us down, but rather his intention is always to lift our countenance. Jesus had already achieved the purpose of making the woman aware of her sin. He didn’t want to embarrass her. She had enough humiliation and shame in her life. Jesus was clinical in his approach. This is a lesson for all who want to do Gods will. If we can’t speak the truth in love without hurting anyone, then it is best not to speak it until we allow God to fill us with his love. Jesus didn’t come to embarrass the woman but to save her and her city. So he gracefully changes the topic of discussion and talks about true worship.
Verse 25-26
The woman didn’t know who this man was and Jesus plainly tells the woman that he is the Messiah. When we don’t know, it is best to humble ourselves and admit our ignorance and God will reveal himself to us. We must respond when he is seeking us. He loves us and we are dear to him. Lets cling to him.
Verse 27-29
A soul is being saved, heavens are rejoicing; but the religious disciples despise the woman. This just goes to prove that they were not in touch with Gods heart. Gods heart is full of love. On the other hand, when someone who has been touched by God he/she will not care about being despised. Like the woman we will also leave our pots and possessions behind and go do Gods will. The woman was never directly given the great commission, but she went and told the whole city. When God has touched us, we WILL go and preach. People like the disciples will try to show us our status, our sins, our situations but we are supposed to see what God has shown us. In Christ we are holy, righteous, perfect. It is more than enough if we see and believe what God shows us. When God is for us, who can be against us.
Verse 31
The disciples urge Jesus to eat. Sometimes we feel that we are bringing God an offering, but all that is nullified if there is no love in us. Love for God and love for people. All that really counts in Gods eyes is if we are doing his will. Love for God is more important than works. In this situation it was the woman who was doing Gods will by telling the city about the Messiah. She was sharing the good news. It was She who had been converted and had the heart of God and not the disciples.
Verse 34-38
Jesus didn’t care about the bread that his disciples brought him. God doesn’t desire sacrifices and offerings. He desires a heart that wants to do his will. God wants us to stop analyzing, criticizing and he needs for us to come out of the religious rut and follow the example of Jesus in doing the fathers will. The fields are ripe. People need a messiah. Rather than fighting to ascribe people to a certain church, a certain group or a certain denomination, we ought to do the fathers will. It doesn’t matter who preached, who evangelized, who baptized and which church is eventually taking the offerings of that person. All that is important is that a soul is being saved. The will of our father is our food. It is Gods desire that not even one should perish. Let this desire of God burden our hearts.
Verse 39
A city is saved because one Dog chose to believe God. Once God touched her, She didn’t care about being despised by the disciples, about being hated. She just did the fathers will. She went and told the whole city.
Verse 40-42
People totally discount the womans word after coming to know about the messiah, but does it really matter? We must always do the fathers will by doing what is required of us. In this instance it was taking the word he has given us to those who are desperately in need of it. They might not even acknowledge that it came through you; does it matter? We can do without the awards, approval and honor of men. The honor of men is fit for the dustbin. God is our rewarder. We must seek his face, his love and his approval ALONE.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Heresies About Jesus -- The Son Of God!!

NB: Believe what this site says and not the heresies that are being blasphemed about Jesus. It will stand you in good stead. God Bless You. Read on for more.
Who is this page meant for?
Heresies about Jesus:
These are some of the questions that will be addressed here with great help from our Counselor, God, Father and King "Jesus" (Isaiah 9:6), who has given us the spirit of God to help us and counsel us in times of need.
Is Jesus the Son of God?
Dear Brother, dear Sister! the very basis of our faith is rooted in the answers to these questions that are being addressed here. Even if one of these heresies about our Lord is true then our faith is in vain. But I know these heresies will be proven wrong in that day; that dreadful day when our Lord comes in all his glory. (Luke 9:26; Titus 2:13-14) I know THIS IS THE TRUTH because the bible says so. Just believe it; THE BIBLE is GOD breathed. (2 Timothy 3:16-17) And God is incapable of lying. (Titus 1:2) He just cannot lie. He is Holy. Its not his nature to deceive. He doesn’t need to. Do you know why? Because he is GOD. I tell you before the living God; if we have the audacity to tell the world that we don’t believe what they can prove, but that we rather believe our heavenly father and his word; mark my words; God will honor us. We need to have the audacity to stand firm in our faith, because God has given us his Holy Spirit who was sent to us when Jesus did ascend to heaven. (John 16:7) It takes great faith to believe God at just his word without seeing the promises that he has made, come to pass. For such great faith, he will stand by us. We need to be audacious enough to be willing to face persecution, suffer ostracism and rejection for his Name. Jesus is the Son of God. Obviously I will not even attempt to prove it outside of the Bible, because the bible says, “Let God be true and every man a liar.” (Romans 3:4) And all revelation is in the Bible. God in his glory has hidden these things from the wise, and it’s the Glory of Kings to search Gods heart (Proverbs 25), through his word and I assure you, if we come to him with childlike innocence, then God will reveal himself to us. Consider what the psalmist says:
“I will proclaim the decree of the Lord:He said to me, “You are my son, today I have become your father. Ask of me and I will make the nations your inheritance and the ends of the earth your possession.” (Ps 2:7)
The best illustration of the sonship of Jesus is described in the book of Hebrews. The author of Hebrews uses this very psalm to establish the superiority of Jesus to all the angels and the priests. (Heb 1:5). It is interesting to note that when God gave a prophetic utterance to Nathan the prophet about David and his son, we would be tricked to presume that scriptures talk are talking about David and Solomon. But if we notice carefully, “I will be his father and he will be my Son.” (2 Sam 7:14 ;1 Chr 17:13) God gave the Prophet Nathan a vision, actually referring to David and one who was to come from his line, the eternal king, Jesus, because 2 Sam 7:16 says “Your throne will be established for ever.” And when God talks about the throne and his kingdom being established forever, we know for sure that he is not talking about Solomon, but his own son Jesus. The author of Hebrews also uses this illustration to prove the sonship of Jesus in Heb 1:5. In Hebrews 1:6, when God brings his first born into the world, he says, “Let all Gods angels worship him.” And in Hebrews 1:8 about the son, God says, “Your throne, O God, will last forever.” These prophecies from the Old Testament and illustrations from the New Testament go a long way in establishing the sonship of Jesus to God. Not that we need a proof. We take it by faith. If you are not convinced by these prophecies then here is what God directly spoke during the baptism of Jesus and during the transfiguration on the mount.
Ø This is my son whom I love. (Mathew 3:17)
Ø You are my Son, whom I love. (Mark 1:11)
Ø You are my son, whom I love. (Luke 3:22)
Ø This is my son, whom I have chosen. (Luke 9:35)
I am not even going to mention the scores of times that Jesus himself claimed to be the Son of God and proved it in the way he conducted himself and in his deeds. The bible is sufficient to help us know that Jesus is indeed the savior, because being Gods Son, he indeed was the perfect sacrifice. We are saved beloved. Lets go to him in faith and in confidence so that on the day of his Glory he is not ashamed of us.
"Kiss the Son lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way." (Ps 1:12)
One day every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. (Php 2:11) We just need to ensure that our confession about Jesus being the Lamb of God is now and not on the day of his second coming. The Bible says, “Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” (Heb 3:15) There is no tomorrow. What we confess and what we profess must be today. If we believe him TODAY, at his word, it will be credited to us as righteousness and God will do for us whatever he does for Jesus. Alleluia! Lets address a simple question. How many of us have the audacity to ask our earthly Fathers to prove that we are their children? I doubt if even one of us has the courage to do that. Then why when it comes to God do we have doubts about what he has said? Let me illustrate this from my own life. My father is a poor man. But I tell you before the living God, if he says that he has put a lot of money in my account, I will believe him. I don’t have to go check my bank statement to verify if the amount he promised has in deed been credited in my account. If that is the level of trust one like me can show in his sinful, earthly father then how much more should we trust our heavenly father? The Bible says that God is incapable of lying. There is no deception in him. (Titus 1:2) And here is an assurance- Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, because he is the perfect sacrifice, the atonement for our sins. Only the Son of God is perfect, because he is in the Father and the Father is in him. Jesus is the only way to God the Father. There is no other way. I am sorry to disappoint anyone who feels otherwise, but this is the truth. But I also encourage everyone to come to our Lord and assure them that he will not turn away anyone, who comes to him with a repentant heart. Jesus! He is the Son of GOD. Amen.
This is the word of God and blessed are those who believe this and all that is mentioned in this site. Amen!!!

Heresies About Jesus -- Jesus In the Face of Temptation!!

Who is this page meant for?

Was Jesus tempted like us?

Some people are of the opinion that Jesus was God(which is true). so he had a special body which didnt have to endure temptations. That is utter rubbish. Jesus was definitely God but he was God with us (Immanuel). He came in flesh. The truth is that Jesus had a flesh just like ours and he was tempted just like us. But he was in such amazing fellowship with God the father that he didnt fall in to Sin. His life was dedicated to doing the Fathers will. This was to set an example for us to follow. Anyone who doesnt acknowledge that Jesus came in the flesh has the spirit of antichrist. Believe it. Its in the bible. (2 John 1:7)Brothers and Sisters if God came in his heavenly Glory and made an attempt to show us the way, we could have easily told him, “Dear Lord, you are God. Of course you are holy but I am a mere mortal. I cannot be holy. That’s why I sin and then shed the blood of bulls and lambs and goats and birds to make atonement for my sins.” That is why he didnt send the Son in all his Glory; rather he sent his Son in human flesh. (Although one day Jesus (Son of Man) will come in all his Glory. That dreadful day will be a day of great judgment.) Why was Jesus sent to earth? He was sent to show us the way. Here is an example. Consider the military. In the Armed Forces, there are two cadres, the Officers and the Men. Officers are gentlemen who are in charge of the men, who command units and are commissioned by the President of India and are charged to Lead the Men into battle. An officer is not someone who is seated in a control room passing orders over the wireless to the men fighting in the battlefield. He is a trained Soldier himself and his physical training is more strenuous than the Men (soldiers) because he should be in a position to command their respect and admiration. The reason being, when an officer gives an order or an instruction for something to be accomplished by a soldier, the soldier should never feel in his mind that his commander is just a good for nothing phoney, who just knows how to pass orders. Rather he/they should accomplish the mission with utmost respect for the Officer. The officer is always leading from the front, he takes charge and is the center point of a platoon. His superiority over the soldiers is not merely because of his rank, but also because he is several notches above the physical and mental standards of the men he is leading. Jesus is superior to us not only because he is God. (The word superior is an understatement, because there is no comparison between Jesus and Us.) But he came here on earth to show us that even as an ordinary man he was able to keep the requirements of the law, that was given to Moses by his Father in heaven. Jesus lived a perfect life under the law even though he was the cornerstone of a much better new covenant. Even though he was so much superior to all everyone else that is the angels and all of Gods creation, he was a made a little lower than angels for a little while so that he would redeem us. Tit 2:14. He had to be human to lead us by his own example and then shed his precious blood in order to redeem us for only someone closely related to us had the right to redeem us.This was the motive behind God sending Jesus among us. Jesus came in the flesh, and kept Gods commands to such perfection so that we have a leader to follow. So when we follow Jesus, we dont have to look for excuses for sinning. We dont have to Sin. We dont have to fall into adultery and then say David comitted adultery. We dont have to be dejected and then say Jeremiah was dejected. We dont have to sin. Our examples are not men but our example is Jesus himself. Lets run the race looking unto Jesus. Jude v 24 states that our Lord Jesus is faithful to keep us from stumbling. Wow! Jesus is so good that he forgives us when we sin, but he also keeps us from sinning. This promise will not even begin to come true in our lives if we dont believe it. So please believe what Jude v 24 promises. Heb 2:14 Jesus shared in our humanity. So that by his death he might destroy him who has power over death – that is the Devil. What is the implication of this statement? In Israelite community there was the concept of a kinsman redeemer. Ruth (3:9; 4:1 – 10) A kin is a close relative. We, our race was in a way sold to the Devil when Eve and Adam sinned by disobeying God. (Although, we are personally responsible for our sins J) In order for Jesus to redeem us from the Devil he had to be our close relative. That is why it is really important to understand that Jesus shared in our humanity. He became like us, so that he could redeem us. Kind of, buy us back in to his kingdom. Because he shared in our humanity he is not ashamed to call us Brothers (and Sisters of course). (Heb 2:11) Dear brothers and sisters, do you want to know how much emphasis does the Holy Spirit place on the humanity of Christ? 2 John 7-8 “Many deceivers who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the Antichrist. Watch out that you do not lose what you have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully.” See the Holy Spirit has warned us that acknowledging Christ as coming in the Flesh is as important as (if not more) acknowledging that he is the Messenger, Immanuel, Son of God. And anyone who doesn’t acknowledge Christ as having come in the flesh is likened to the Antichrist. And it doesn’t stop there, John also states that such a person is in danger of losing his salvation. That is why I encourage you to believe what the Bible says and approach the throne of God with great confidence through our Lord Jesus. OK we have established that Jesus came in the flesh and shared our humanity. Then Hebrew 2:18 goes on to say that he himself suffered when he was tempted. What? Did Jesus get tempted? Did he suffer when he was tempted? Yes! The Bible says so. In fact the bible even goes to say that Jesus suffered unto death when he was tempted. Do you understand the implication of that verse. Jesus would have preferred to die than to sin. He would have preferred to die than to even have sinful thoughts because that would hurt the Father. Praise God. Is it so with us? I hope it is. We are called to be a holy nation; a royal priesthood. We must not give in to temptation. All we have to do is look un to Jesus and we will defeat the sinful desires before they take form in us. Amen.See our God is an awesome God. He has given an example for us in Jesus in that during temptation we don’t sin. We just need to run the race looking unto Jesus. How do we do that? We need to keep asking ourselves; What would our Daddy Jesus do when confronted with such a situation? What would our Brother Jesus do if he were in my place? What would our friend Jesus do if he were facing this problem? And the moment we ask ourselves these questions, the Holy Spirit, who is the counselor, guides us in truth and leads us in to doing the things that God wants us to do. When we are tempted, we don’t have to sin, because we are not helpless. We have Jesus, and he came to save us from our sins. (Mathew 1:21. The very first promise in the New Testament)

We have the right to say “Lord! Save Me.” (Mathew 14:30) When we are surrounded by Sin and look up to God, he gives us the power to come against the evil one. There are so many occasions where Jesus was tempted not to do the will of the father. Before his baptism (John hinted that Jesus didn’t need to get baptized by him), after his baptism by the devil in the wilderness, when Peter rebuked him, On the Mount of Olives when he prayed that the Cup be taken away from him. But each time Jesus went to the Father in much prayer and overcame the temptation to do the will of the Father. Jesus showed us the way for the times when temptation surrounds us; that we don’t have to give in to temptation. Rather we need to approach the throne of grace and receive the power of God to overcome the temptations and gain victory over our Sins. We are victors in Christ. Alleluia!

Heresies About Jesus -- Jesus Vs Satan!!

Who is this page meant for?
Jesus the brother of Satan?
I came across a disgusting article on the internet about Jesus being related to Satan. This very line of thought is obnoxious and objectionable. The very thought of addressing this issue is loathesome. Let's address this anyway because if any born again brother or sister is in danger of falling away on account of  this trivial matter, then I pray that the Lord in his goodness have mercy on us. But my first prayer will always be that our Holy Brothers and Sisters grow so strong in faith that these horrendous, lustful, perverted, distorted heresies do not even cause a hindrance to their faith in the Lord Jesus in the first place. Now here is why I said in the beginning that this specific page is directed at believers, especially those who are new born in to the kingdom of heaven, if for some reason doubts have crept in their minds due to the heresies they might have come across. To a believer, the Bible is the word of God. (2 Tim 3:16) A Bible (Old Or New Testament) is (in worldly terms) a biography of our Lord Jesus. That isn’t the case with someone who has not been saved. The Bible doesn’t say anything about Jesus and Satan being Brothers. The bible says that Lucifer (Satan) was an angel created by God who was kicked out of paradise when he thought he could be God. Ezekiel 28:12-19 Satan was no more than a Gaurdian Cherub created by God. That’s the keyword; CREATED by God. And no created thing or being can take the place of God. This passage shows us that Satan is a fallen Angel.

-- Mat 25:41 Shows us the fire/hell prepared for the devil and his angels. Satan and his angels will burn in hell.
-- Isaiah 24:21-22 Satan and his dominion is destroyed.
-- Rev 20:10 The devil is cast into the lake of fire and brimstone (where the beast and the  false prophet are) to be tormented for ever and ever.
-- Mat 12:26 Jesus clearly demonstrated (Not that he had to prove it) that he performed miracles by the power of God and not the devil.
-- Mat 16:23 Satan is a stumbling block to Jesus. Brothers are not stumbling blocks to each other.
-- Mark 4:15 Satan separates us from God by taking away his word from us. Jesus is the word of God, the word made flesh now who draws us near to God.
-- Luke 10:18 Jesus has already seen Satan fall like lightening in the heavenlies. Alleluia!
-- Isaiah 14:12-15 Satan is brought down low because of the sin of trying to be God.
-- Genesis 3:14-15 God cursed Satan and put enmity between him and Jesus (Eves seed). Jesus and Satan are not brothers becasue if they were then God would not put enmity between his two sons for he is a Holy God not some wicked person.

As opposed to Satan, Jesus is not someone who was created. Rather he is the creator of all things for the Bible says that all things were created by him and for him. We have already established that Jesus Christ is God. Ps 45:6-7 God the Father addresses Jesus as God. The author of Hebrews (Heb 1:8) uses these verses to establish the deity of Christ. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit have always been in perfect fellowship. Whatever they do, they do it in perfect fellowship. For instance, creation in Genesis 1:26 God said, “Let us make man in our image.” Notice the use of the word “US”. See whatever the Father did, he did it in perfect fellowship with his Son. The Father and the Son are one. This is confirmed in Collosians 1:16. The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost are not 3 Gods but 1 God in 3 persons. It is futile to explain this. It is like trying to make a Dog describe about You and I. How difficult it is for a Dog to describe about a Man, in the same way it is difficult for Man to explain the triune God. This is a mystery that God will reveal to his children on the Day we are caught up with him, because that day we will be like him. The bible is full of passages that establish the Deity of Christ. My point is simply this. Jesus, our God is not some Angel. He is God. He was made for a while a little lower than Angels (Heb 2:7), when he was born in Human flesh to Joseph and Mary. But that was so that he could redeem us and free us from the shackles of the person whom God had kicked out of Heaven, that is Satan. He had to become man in order to redeem us because only a close relative can redeem someone who is in debt. Isn’t it amazing that our loving heavenly father would humble himself and sacrifice his dear Son for you and I. Praise God. He died for our sins, he ascended to heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father. The nations are made for his Glory. Alleluia! In fact the Angels worship Jesus (Heb 1:6). No created being, angel or man, has the right to receive worship. Only God has the right to receive worship. Jesus received worship in heaven, he received worship when he was on earth and he will receive worship forever, because he is the "King of Kings and Lord of Lords." Jesus and Satan are not brothers but rather Satan is Gods enemy. I pray over you precious Brother, precious Sister, that God will keep you and protect you from the rampant heresies. I pray that God empowers us with the power of His Holy Spirit, so that we are enabled to contend for our faith and press on to perfection, so that on the Day of our Lords Glory, he is not ashamed of us. Blessed is he who doesnt fall away on account of Jesus. Blessings in Jesus name. Amen.

Heresies About Jesus -- Visit to India!!

Who is this page meant for?

Did Jesus come to India?

Claims: Jesus escaped crucifixion and visited India.

Response:Brothers and Sisters, if Jesus came to India then you and I are not even saved. Remember what a mud pit we were in when Jesus saved us. Remember that day when we were down in the dumps and our whole life made no sense. Some of us were suicidal and some of us hated ourselves for our past. That sister who had lost count of the number of men she has been with. That brother who was in bondage to sin. That abusive father. That drug peddlar. That drunkard. That abusive husband. That unfaithful wife. All of us have a horrible past. And it was this beautiful Jesus who told us, “I can make all things new. (2 Cor 5:17) I will pick you up from the miry clay and put you on a Rock. (Psalm 40:2) I have bore all your iniquities. (Isaiah 53:5, 53:11) I will present you blameless before my Glorious presence (Jude v 24). I will not remember your sins and lawless deeds.(Heb 10:17) It is this Jesus who cleansed us and gave us a brand new start. Praise God. Thank God. “Give thanks to the Lord, our God and king, His love endures forever.” After he has done so much for us, can we forget whatever he said and believe the lies being spoken about him. Won't it be a slap on Jesus' face for all the goodness he has showered on us. Lets resolve in our minds that we will commit our lives in Gods hands and pray that he will protect us from such perverted heresies so that we lead consecrated and holy lives acceptable to him. The only way Jesus could have come to India, was if he was not crucified, if he didn’t endure hell on the cross, and if he wasn’t risen from the dead on the third day and if he didn’t ascend to heaven to be seated on the right hand of the father. If, and I repeat if, all this didn’t happen then we are a bunch of phonies, who waste our time on Sundays lifting our hands and praising God for no reason. Brothers and Sisters, the bible says that such heresies are the work of the Antichrist (Read the 3 epistles of John.) We indeed are saved because we call on the name of the Lord. (Joel 2:32)I encourage all of you beloved brothers and sisters to believe God and be firmly planted in his word. Jesus never came to India. He found the will of God to amazing perfection. He was crucified, died and rose on the third day. Did mighty miracles during his ministry. Did mighty miracles after he rose from the dead. He ascended to heaven to be seated on the right hand of Our heavenly father. And all this, because God loves us. He loves us so much that he sacrificed his only begotten Son.This is the truth.Can I prove it?I am sorry, NO. (Not outside of the Bible. Nor do i intend to, because the word of God is infallible. Everything else is a lie.)I know THIS IS THE TRUTH because the bible says so.(2 Timothy 3:16-17) Believe it; THE BIBLE is GOD breathed. And God is incapable of lying. (Titus 1:2) Its not his nature to deceive. He doesn’t need to. Do you know why? Because he is GOD.

Heresies About Jesus -- The Holy Grail!!

Who is this page meant for?
Did Jesus have children?
A true christian would really wish he didn't have to address these questions, but if a soul is in danger of doubting the very grace imparted on to us by God, then it is well worth addressing these issues because these children are precious to our Father. We need to see that Jesus is God. There is a lot we don’t know about God. and trust me it is not even very important. It is more important to KNOW GOD than to know about him. If we know him, then he will slowly reveal himself to his children, who seek him earnestly and then we may know more about him. That is the way. Know God first and then know about him by the way HE reveals himself to us. Knowing him before knowing about him is more important. The bible says that it is the Glory of God to conceal matters, and it is the Glory of Kings to search it out (Proverbs 25:2). Let us search Gods heart (Like David). Let us seek to do his will and not waste the grace and the hope he has given us because of these heresies about his Son. It is dangerous to fall into the hands of God. He is a loving God; but he is also a God who will Judge. Coming back to the question; if we are convinced that Jesus was not married then we know he didn’t have biological children. But he is our father. Isaiah 9:6 calls him the everlasting Father. Praise God. I encourage my Christian Brothers and Sisters that after you have checked out the contents of this page, let not any heretic put any kind of doubts in your mind. Be firm in your faith. Sometimes it is easier to believe the world and hard to believe God. But remember, because we believe despite not having seen him, our blessing is great in the heavenlies. Our blessings will come to pass in due time according to Gods riches and mercy. The world is digging up graves to find out about fancy things like The Holy Grail and all sorts of non-sense. But if we have faith in the Living God then we know that it is foolish because Jesus is alive; our Lord has RISEN. His word says so. The word means nothing to the world, but to us it is life itself. The grave is empty my dear brother, my dear sister. PRAISE GOD; we have victory because he is alive. Yes, Jesus has children. (Isaiah 9:6) We the church are all his children. Children born of God. We are also his brothers and sisters and he is not ashamed of it. (Heb 2:12, 2:17) and we are also his bride (Eph 5:25 – 27). Lets not give in to perversions of the world but stand firm in faith. You may share the contents of this specific page with brothers and sisters who are weak; but I would encourage you to refrain from sharing this with someone who doesn't want to believe; but not because we don’t or we should not love them. See the bible says that it is the grace of God given to people which draws them to Christ. Of course they have a choice to accept or reject the salvation. If God himself cant do a work in them, then I sure will not be able to. But if you see that God has done a work in a brother or sister but he or she is struggling or battling with these heresies, then by all means share this page with them. I exhort you that anything you do; let it be rooted in Christ. God Bless!!

Heresies About Jesus -- Was He Married?

Who is this page meant for?

Was Jesus Married?
We really need to know that there are a number of questions to which God might respond saying, “Dude! Its none of your business.” I mean, let me present an argument, (For believers only, because this question doesn’t apply to unbelievers since they dont know the Holy Scriptures YET); how does it matter whether we know what Jesus' marital status was? Will it make us more holy? Finding out the marital status of Jesus is not going to make us any holier. We are called to be a holy nation and a royal priesthood. (1 Peter 2:9) Will we become more holy if we find out the answer for this? The answer is a vehement NO. But for the curious; who feel they need to know; lets try and address this with what God has revealed through his word. When we talk of revelation, I would like to establish that there is no revelation outside of the bible. All revelation is in the Bible. There is nothing that God reveals whose roots cannot traced to the bible. So the Bible doesn't mention anything about the marital status of Jesus. There are people today who are digging graves to find out about the "Royal Blood Line" and writing blasphemous books about the Lamb of God. Its all a hoax. If people spent half of all this wasted time on repenting and looking up to the Son of God, he would have mercy on them and forgive their Sins.
We need to see that Jesus is the Son of God. He is the exact representation of God. He is God with us (Immanuel). And last but not the least; HE IS GOD. (Isaiah 9:6) Also consider the coming of the Lord prophesied by Isaiah 35: 4 to 6 which was fulfilled in Luke 7:22. Jesus is the God who was to come, about whom Isaiah had prophesied. These are just a couple of instances to prove that Jesus is God. The bible is full of prophecies that tell us that Jesus is the messenger, the atonement for our sins and the perfect sacrifice. Perfect because only God can be perfect. Your sins and mine can be atoned for only if the sacrifice is perfect. An imperfect sacrifice is detestable in Gods eyes and beloved; you and I are imperfect to say the least. Nobody, I repeat, nobody is perfect apart from God. JESUS IS GOD. If we have established that Jesus is God; then dear brothers and sisters it will be easy to see why we believe Jesus was not married. As God He is perfect; but in his 33 yrs on earth as a man he was Sinless too. Heb 4:15 The question God asks of us is this “what do you think?” And I say, “Lord! I don’t want to think. I just want to believe what ever you show me.” And I hope that is the spirit with all you folks as well; because brothers and sisters, if that is not the case then something is seriously wrong. We must always, I repeat always believe what our Daddy says (Jesus is the Everlasting Father - Isaiah 9:6) and we should never doubt him. When God has to describe the relationship between Christ and the Church; his spirit through Paul uses the relationship between a Husband and his wife in order to exhort us. Well it really is the other way round. Paul is trying to exhort us about how a Husband ought to treat his wife and uses a divine exhortation; the relationship between the Church and her bridegroom; that is Christ. There lies our answer. Christ is the head of the Church, which is the body even as the Husband is the head of the wife. The Church is part of the New Jerusalem which is the Bride of Christ. Rev 21:2 I mean it was always there in the Bible, but when we see it in the light of the heresies being proclaimed in this age; it in deed is a revelation. (Ephesians 5:25 – 27 and Colossians 1:18; 1:24).
Dear brothers and sisters, our God is an awesome God. Remember when the sons of Zebedee asked Jesus if they could be at his right and left hand in the Kingdom, Jesus told them that it is our privilege to drink from his cup but to decide positions of honor in the kingdom is up to God. Being by nature God he had surrendered some of his privileges in heaven when he came to fulfill his earthly mission. He was steadfast in his approach and found the will of God to such perfection and that is an example for us to follow. My point, in a nutshell, is this. Let us consider being the bride of some rich worldly person. Wouldn’t it be matter of great honor and privilege? In light of this, now let us consider being the bride of Christ; that would indeed be the greatest honor bestowed on anyone in the world. My conviction is no woman on Earth was perfect enough to be the bride of Jesus. The bible talks about pressing on to perfection (2 Cor 13:11); which means that no body is perfect and ever will be till the coming of the Lord; and that should encourage us to lead HOLIER lives. Now one might say, “Brother, the blood of Jesus has cleansed us, we are justified by faith.” And my response is, “Absolutely right! But the bible says that we need to contend for our faith (Jude 3) and also remember in Jesus’ own words (Luke 17:10), “We are unworthy servants.” Lets dwell on that verse a little deeper. When does that servant say that he is unworthy? He doesn’t say it when he has done something wrong. Rather he says he is unworthy when he has done everything right. What? We are unworthy even when we have done everything right. Yes! Isn’t that powerful. I mean this is a perfect example of us being justified by faith and not by our works. Even after we have done everything right, we are still unworthy servants. Even after we do good works in the name of Jesus, which is a sign that Jesus has saved us indeed, we are still justified by faith, we are still justified by what Jesus did on calvary. Does that mean we should not do works? Rubbish! Faith without works is dead. (James 2:26) Works are the only way to know that God has indeed done a miraculous work in us, that he has transformed our hearts, that we can live selflessly for his Glory in any situation. If the spirit of God has convicted us and we have repented of our sins with a true heart; then the blood of Jesus is so pure that none of our sins can remain unforgiven. God is so great, so generous that he not just forgives (which is just half the gospel) but he gives us a brand new heart. A heart that seeks him and yearns for the spiritual milk which is HIS Word and a heart that does his will; which is to crucify our old man so that the fruit of the Holy Spirit can be brought forth. Now brothers and sisters, if we agree that we are unworthy servants, if all us are unworthy servants, even after we have done everything right, than I am sure that the women including Mary of Magdala (Mary Magdalene - Thought to be his wife) and others in the 1st Century were not perfect or fit to be the bride of Jesus. The Church after it is caught up to meet the Lord in the Air will be a part of the marraige between our Saviour and New Jerusalem.

Here is the truth,We, The Church, are part of the bride of Christ. Praise God.
And here is the revelation, Jude v 24 says that it is Jesus who presents us without fault, in his glorious presence, with great Joy.

My dear brothers and sisters, We the Church, are part of the Bride of Christ, which is New Jerusalem, and we are presented perfect in the eyes of God, because of Jesus. Here is the truth; Our dear lord was on a mission to accomplish the Fathers will. The Fathers will was to crush him (Isaiah 53:10) so that our iniquities could be forgiven when we believe in his Son. Getting married here on earth was not a part of his mission. The great marriage between Christ and his bride (New Jerusalem) will happen in an appointed time that we can pray for, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.” (The marriage will happen before hsi millenial reign). That day will be a day of great rejoicing for the bride of Christ and a day of weeping and gnashing of teeth for the cults because that day they will find out who the real bride of Christ is. Amen.